Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Huggies Play Train

Finally received this Huggies Play Train at 24/12/2009.Mommy wait this Play train very long time liao.

Angeline v wilson ko ko play this Play train...happy....:P

Kluang Mall~Merry Christmas

At Kluang Mall v mommy friend ah yan aunty ko ko teng kai....hahaha....

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Weaning Pacifier

Angeline at 2year 3week old

Between two week ago at 18/12/2009 me start dun give Angeline the pacifier. Normally Angeline pacifier time at noon and nite nap time than she will ask her pacifier.

1st time dun give Angeline the pacifier when go to bed, aft she drink finish milk and some water she will start ask her pacifier. Me got bring her pacifier to upstair room but me no give her see pacifier. Angeline : '嘴嘴'pacifier? Mommy : '喵喵'cat 咬去了。 Angeline : cry.....cry....cry... Mommy : Sayang, tmr buy. Angeline : turn left, turn right, turn left then turn right.. like missing some pieces... hahah.very hard to nap but till last nap ready. Actually mommy can not say tmr buy. Till mor,me wake up. huh, pacifier at nite time give Angeline find it. Mommy wake up see, walau the pacifier at Angeline mouth. haiz....tis time 失败 :(

2nd day noon time Angeline nap v my sister, she no ask my sister want the pacifier. Only ask me want pacifier. Aft me bc from work and sit at the sofa, Angeline come my behind ask me '嘴嘴'pacifier?(me can not say by tmr ma)so she ask me pacifier. At nite me also no give Angeline pacifier, this time the pacifier me no put for Angeline easy find it place. hahaha.

Aft 3rd time till tis faw day. Angeline every ask me her pacifier and every day repeat the talk...but when me ask her she pacifier than she will say dog咬去.

Till 1week plus Angeline no ask her pacifier liao. Yeah, finally she ready without the pacifier. Kambeteh, Clever Angeline good girl ready without her pacifier when she nap time. :D

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wedding dinner ~ Uncle tat Ming

Uncle Tat Ming and him wife.

Uncle Tat Ming wedding dinner at melaka Bei Jing Restorant. Time 2pm at 6/12/2009. Because Daddy is do brother so early ready go out. So me and Mommy is wait Ah Yi come bring we go the dinner. Congrat Uncle tat ming and him wife happy wedding.百年好合,白头偕老. :)

1st GAP Sleep Wear design I Love Mom

This is mommy 1st time buy the GAP sleep wear to me. Very nice sleep wear for design I Love Mom. This is size 3T ngam ngam for me, But dun have big size le. So sad.

1st time Enjoy Play Kite

1st time Daddy go buy the kite at book shop. each only RM4. We go out at between 6pm at my near house got 1 place have big.And got many people play kite at there. Very high the kite fly. :)

Birthday Present ~ Aunty Angel (Backdate)

The Guess Tee is Aunty Angel give for me birthday present,Very nice and sui tee.Thank Aunty Angel.:D